You may be surprised to learn that Bali has quite a large number of royal palaces (puri), a legacy of the island’s eight ancient kingdoms, which were ruled by rajahs. After Indonesia’s declaration of independence in 1945, these rajahs lost their powers and much of their vast lands to the new democratic republic. The high-caste descendants and heads of these royal families still reign but no longer have legal power and therefore do not rule. Some have opened their doors to the public so that…Continue Reading “BALI’S ROYAL PALACES”


  Celebrate your love and retie the knot within a beautiful, idyllic setting at InterContinental Bali Resort. Whether your marriage is long and seasoned or still young and fresh, a renewal of vows ceremony in a romantic bale pavilion overlooking Jimbaran Bay is a wonderful way to reaffirm the promises you made to one other on your wedding day. Perhaps you wish to commemorate a significant wedding anniversary and want the world to know that you’d do it all over again in a heartbeat? Or…Continue Reading “RETIE THE KNOT WITHIN A ROMANTIC BALE PAVILON AT INTERCONTINENTAL BALI RESORT”

Discovering undiscovered Bali

By Benjamin Parker To many, Bali might conjure images of a tourist mecca where it’s hard to escape the crowds and find your own slice of heaven. But look a little closer and you might discover what the locals mean when they say Bali is the ‘Island of the Gods’. The island is actually comprised of flourishing topography, spectacular architecture and thousands of Hindu temples. Here, to be ‘in the know’, it’s who you know. Thankfully, the locals, an eclectic mix of Balinese and expats…Continue Reading “Discovering undiscovered Bali”


Bali is part of a volcanic belt that stretches from Sumatra through Java and Bali to the Banda Sea. At 3,014 metres high, Gunung (Mount) Agung is Bali’s tallest and holiest mountain, its resplendent summit dominating much of the island. It is not surprising, therefore, that it is the dwelling place of the gods, with Pura Besakih, the island’s largest and most important Hindu temple located on its slopes and attracting both pilgrims and tourists. The Balinese treat this volcano with the greatest respect and…Continue Reading “BALI’S MOST FAMOUS MOUNTAINS”

Place of Interest: Jimbaran Fishing Village

Bali Jimbaran Bay Beach is located between airport and bukit pecatu with original villages of kedonganan and Jimbaran itself. These2 traditional villages lay on a stretch of around 2 kilometers barrow lowland between Bali mainland and the foot of south Bali. Jimbaran and Kedonganan are under the administration of perbekelan Jimbaran or Desa Jimbaran, while desa jimbaran is under wide administrative area of Kecamatan Kuta. Jimbaran and kedonganan villages have been known as the biggest supplier of salted fish for whole Bali, and until now….Continue Reading “Place of Interest: Jimbaran Fishing Village”