Resort Sculpture: Pandawa Lima

The name “Pandawa Lima”, is derived from the story of a noble family who are the lead characters in the story of “Mahabarata”. This story, which originates from India, has become a very popular epic throughout Southeast Asia, and especially in the Indonesian provinces of Sunda. Throughout the island of Java and in Bali. The five (5) noble forms represent the characters; Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa,  who in the same order represent or characterize; goodness a desire to struggle for ones’ goals; righteousness;…Continue Reading “Resort Sculpture: Pandawa Lima”

Place of Interest: Jimbaran Fishing Village

Bali Jimbaran Bay Beach is located between airport and bukit pecatu with original villages of kedonganan and Jimbaran itself. These2 traditional villages lay on a stretch of around 2 kilometers barrow lowland between Bali mainland and the foot of south Bali. Jimbaran and Kedonganan are under the administration of perbekelan Jimbaran or Desa Jimbaran, while desa jimbaran is under wide administrative area of Kecamatan Kuta. Jimbaran and kedonganan villages have been known as the biggest supplier of salted fish for whole Bali, and until now….Continue Reading “Place of Interest: Jimbaran Fishing Village”