Planning a Beach Wedding

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What could be more romantic than tying the knot with the one you love on the golden sands of a secluded beach? For many years tour operators have been promoting dreamy images of wedding couples strolling barefoot on pristine sandy beaches silhouetted, perhaps, against a dramatic crimson sunset. She, of course, is wearing a frangipani flower in her hair! Yes, an intimate exchange of rings on a beach is a beautiful concept, but the planning and organisation involves a whole heap of unexpected things that you probably never considered:

Bear in mind the age and mobility of your guests. While it might be lovely to get married with your toes in the sand, you have to consider whether or not your wheelchair-bound grandmother can navigate her way across the sand to the ceremony. Will your guests be standing? Are there options for those who will need to sit? Like any other outdoor ceremony space, the beach can add a layer of difficulty when it comes to accessibility, so consider your guest list to ensure that elderly or disabled guests don’t miss out. Provide your guests with as many venue-specific comforts as possible so they can enjoy the beach you’ve chosen.

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Few beaches are truly private, and while many beachside resorts are anchored by beautiful “private” beaches, unless you “bought-out” the property, you might have to share your wedding venue with other hotel guests. In fact, you could even be joined by a group of beach hawkers proposing “massage” and “plait your hair”.

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Check the tides to make sure the beach won’t be engulfed by ocean during your ceremony. You don’t want your guests to be washed out to sea.

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Dress Appropriately
Not all dresses, fabrics, and veil styles are suitable for a beach wedding. A slim-fitting sheath dress is the most sand-friendly option, but if you want to wear a gown with a fuller skirt, make sure you choose a dress constructed of a lighter fabric that allows for more movement. Also, don’t be afraid of trying a coloured option, a white dress might render you invisible against a white sand background. Bear in mind that a veil is a bit like a sail in the wind, the less fussy your veil, the prettier your photos will look. Beaches are always breezy, so hairstyles and floral arrangements also have to be well thought out in advance. A barefoot beach wedding is gorgeous, but it’s not realistic to expect every bride to discard her high-heeled shoes; one solution would be to bury a wooden walkway under the sand to create the impression of an undisturbed sandy beach while making it possible to walk in heels.

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Prepare a Wind Plan
Don’t disregard the destructive power of the wind. Onshore beach wind can be uncomfortable, blasting you and your guests with sand or completely drowning out the sound for the ceremony. Take the time to learn about the typical wind patterns and always have a backup plan.

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Waves are loud, and when combined with the wind, there will be a lot of background noise at a beach wedding, and beaches don’t come equipped with power outlets. So will your guests be able to hear you? Is your wedding small enough that you won’t need amplification? Or are you going to have to use a portable source of power? It’s probably a good idea to use a microphone for the ceremony, complete with a cover to screen the wind, so that your guests are not frustrated by the fact that all they hear is the wind instead of your wedding vows. Plan this in advance, or you may end up having to shout.

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Don’t forget to research the weather seasons in your wedding destination of choice. January and February, for example, is a great time to escape from a European winter but did you know that it coincides with the height of the rainy season in Bali? Even during the months of the year when sunshine and blue skies are almost guaranteed, it’s always wise to have a plan B just in case of rain. Meanwhile, check out our article: ‘The Best Time to Visit Bali’ 

Keep on the right side of the local council
There are always a number of actions that are forbidden on public beaches, so make sure the local council (known as the ‘Banjar’ in Bali) is aware of your plans and that you are paying the appropriate fees and not breaking any rules.

Hire a wedding planner
Orchestrating the arrangements for your own beach wedding can be extremely stressful, but having faith in someone else’s ability to take care of everything will remove all of that worry and pressure. So, if it’s within your budget, work with a specialist wedding planner who has experience in organising beach weddings. There are many practicalities to be researched in advance, but how wonderful to have someone else do the research for you and offer a range of ideas and alternatives. The wedding planner will remind you to bring sunscreen, and can act as your wedding bouncer if friendly passersby try to walk through your ceremony photos.

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Exquisitely landscaped gardens in secluded grounds, framed by a pristine white sand beach. Being awarded the accolade of “Luxury Wedding Destination” at the prestigious 2013 World Luxury Travel Awards is a reminder that InterContinental Bali Resort is the ultimate Bali wedding venue, where you can “Marry in Style”.

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