See West Bali’s Unique Christian Communities

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Blimbingsri and Palasari: Both these villages are located near West Bali National Park and are unusual in that the inhabitants are mostly Christian, a rarity in Hindu Bali. A curious sight is the churches which are built in the Balinese architectural style, largely identifiable as Christian only by the crosses prominently perched atop the roofs.

The villagers have also incorporated Balinese culture and tradition into all their religious activities. For instance, on Christmas Day, the churches are decorated with Balinese decorations and people wearing traditional Balinese costume sing traditional Balinese songs.

There are both Protestant and Catholic sectors, which live side by side in harmony with each other, as they do and always have with the many neighbouring Moslem and few Hindu communities. It could be said that far west Bali presents a lesson for us all in religious tolerance.

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