At InterContinental Bali Resort, we invite you to join us in celebrating the most important festival in the Chinese calendar – Chinese New Year.
Yee Sang Prosperity at InterContinental Bali Resort Chinese New Year is a family affair, a time of reunion and thanksgiving, steeped in many traditions and themes of good luck, fortune, happiness, wealth and longevity. The New Year’s Eve feast symbolises family unity while honouring past and present generations. On New Year’s Day, families gather, clean their houses and sweep away bad fortune.

2017, the Chinese Year of the Red Fire Rooster, is expected to be a year that rewards dynamism and rejects laziness; a year to manifest your dreams. Having the courage of your convictions will pay off in a big way in 2017.  For the ancestors, who had no alarm clocks, the crowing of the rooster was very significant as that was what would awaken people to get up and start work. Therefore, the early bird will definitely catch the worm during this go-getting time. The main virtues of those born in the year of the rooster are punctuality and loyalty. Roosters make devoted friends; they keep their promises and are always true to their word.

Flying Lantern at InterContinental Bali Resort

At InterContinental Bali Resort, our Chinese New Year celebrations kick-off on Thursday, 26th January at 7pm at the Main Pool Deck, when you will have the opportunity to launch a Flying Lantern as a symbol of good luck. As you release all of your worries and problems away, make a wish and marvel at the beauty of the many fire lanterns floating silently into the night sky over Jimbaran Bay.

Our Yee Sang Prosperity New Year’s Eve Dinner will take place from 7pm onwards at Taman Gita Terrace. Featuring dishes that are believed to bring health, wealth and happiness for the coming 12 months, this sumptuous feast begins with ‘crab and corn scallion egg drop soup’ served with ‘mantaou’ – a steamed wheat bread from North China, which is always found on Chinese New Year dinner tables. This is followed by traditional salads and appetisers – including ‘chilli-marinated Chinese cabbage salad’ and ‘century eggs and lapcion sausage’ plus a wide selection of delicious hot dishes, and a live station presenting three kinds of noodles – representative of long life – together with Jimbaran seafood, sliced chicken, beef, pork and a selection of condiments. Hot dishes include ‘steamed grouper with oyster mushroom sauce’ – the fish is representative of togetherness and abundance – as well as ‘honey and sesame ginger chicken’, symbolising prosperity and completeness. Assorted dim sum include wongko, gyozza and siomay complemented by condiments such as sweet chilli, chilli sauce, black vinegar and scallion.

Guests at the Yee Sang Prosperity New Year’s Eve Dinner will be entertained by a performance of the Chinese Lion Dance incorporating the acrobatic martial art movements of Wushu. Accompanied by the music of beating drums, clashing cymbals, and resounding gongs, this vibrant, exciting dance expresses joy and happiness. The lion is used to summon luck and good fortune; he is an auspicious animal and a symbol of protection. It is also believed that the noise from the drums, the face of the lion, and the way in which the lion dances scares away bad or evil spirits.

The Yee Sang Prosperity New Year’s Eve event is priced at Rp 546,000 ++ per person including free flow soft drinks and juices, or Rp 756,000 ++ per person including free flow soft drinks, juices, selected cocktails and house wine. The event is complimentary for children under seven years of age when dining with their parents. All prices are subject to 10% service charge & 11% government tax. Terms and conditions apply.

On Saturday, 28 January 2017, the festivities will continue with the release of more Flying Lanterns at the Main Pool Deck at 7pm. The ‘Spirit of Bali’ event will then take place at Taman Gita Terrace, at which you can relish a feast of traditional Balinese cuisine with yellow rice as its centrepiece, accompanied by Okokan,’ ‘Tektekan’ and ‘Calonarang’ sacred dance rituals from 7 pm onwards, priced at Rp 546,000 ++ per person including free flow soft drinks and juices, or Rp 756,000 ++ per person including free flow soft drinks, juices, selected cocktails and house wine.

All prices are subject to 10% service charge & 11% government tax. Terms and conditions apply.

For further information and dining reservations, please call +62 361 701888, extension 87555.



InterContinental Bali Resort is renowned for showcasing the best of Bali, with the essential components of Balinese Hindu philosophies, imagery and symbolism prevalent throughout its design. The Resort follows the principals of ‘Tri Hita Karana’, which is the balance and harmony between the three sources of life – humans, nature and God, while the architecture also honours the sacred axis between the holy mountain and the sea.

New Redesigned Room InterContinental Bali Resort

InterContinental Bali Resort now continues this tradition with a comprehensive guestroom redesign programme, which sets new standards for luxury accommodation in Bali and introduces world-class room technology.

Michel Chertouh, Regional General Manager for Bali Resorts, IHG, said, “As one of the iconic resort properties for IHG, InterContinental Bali, the design of the new rooms has been conceived to bring the ‘Soul of Bali’ to life with features such as hand-painted batik prints and intricate wood carvings, coupled with personalised technologies that will set new standards in Bali.”

Guest Room Design

The interiors have been designed by the Singapore-based ‘James Park Associates’, a renowned design consultancy that has an extensive knowledge of Bali and Indonesia, and specialises in creating exceptional guestrooms that pay homage to the location. The rooms’ most unique features are the full-wall mural paintings inspired by designs found on Balinese textiles.

New redesigned Room InterContinental Bali Resort

The bed-head backdrops feature carved wood headboard panels with geometric lattice patterns typical of those seen on traditional Balinese doorways. An impressive, circular carved artefact features prominently in each room, mounted on the fabric-panelled accent wall of each lounge area.  The pendant lamps are a signature of the new InterContinental Bali guestrooms and suites, inspired by the elaborate terracotta crown finials of traditional Balinese thatched roofs. Each lamp also features a cast brass decoration depicting dragons, and Garuda – the winged messenger and carrier of the supreme god, Wishnu. The woven rattan material, ubiquitous to the tropics, is treated with an antique patina and used prominently in the wall panelling of the dressing rooms. The crafted furniture has been carefully designed to complement the hotel’s classic, vernacular architecture, while also conveying a timeless, tropical aesthetic. Indonesian wood from sustainable sources is widely used, and is combined with eye-catching accents such as tropical hardwood veneers, lacquered tobacco leaf and faux-shagreen – resembling the textured skin of a stingray, while the hand-tufted wool rugs are characterised by local patterns. The rooms are completed with thoughtfully curated thematic paintings depicting Balinese Legong dancers; the dynamic brush strokes conveying the fluid motion and stunning costumes of Bali’s most exquisite dance.

New Redesigned Room InterContinental Bali Resort

The extensive use of Indonesian marble authentically reflects the context of the bathrooms, while exotic imported stone brings a rich opulence to vanity counters and bath surrounds. Contemporary yet timeless fittings and fixtures, such as those from Hansgrohe’s ‘Citterio E’ range, complete the composition. All of the rooms retain their original teakwood flooring, carefully restored to bring new life to this rich and valuable material.


New technology and state-of-the-art facilities are being incorporated to anticipate every guest need and to meet the Resort’s ongoing environmental commitment to improve its carbon footprint and protect natural resources through the reduction of energy consumption and water usage.

To enable guests to fully relax in their rooms and to enjoy a true home away from home experience, each room will be equipped with a High Definition Smart IPTV system, with a 43-inch wall-mounted screen, offering access to thousands of high quality digital TV and radio channels from around the world, as well as movies and TV series on demand, Internet radio, YouTube channel and live streaming via a high speed Internet connection. Guests can even watch more than one channel at a time via their own Android or iPad (and iPhone) devices. Other options via the IPTV system include a messaging interface for In-Room dining and Concierge services, and facilities such as a world clock, wake up call, interactive maps and interactive flight info.

In line with the Resort’s ‘Green Engage’ sustainable environmental programme, each room is being fitted with a revolutionary energy management system featuring occupancy sensors, which will reduce negative impact and energy consumption by controlling lighting and air-conditioning thermostats when no one is present. Lights will come on automatically when the room is reoccupied and guests can change the settings for their own comfort. Halogen ceiling lights are being replaced with energy-saving LED downlights, while silent mini-bar fridges are being installed utilising an energy efficient compressor cooling unit to reduce power consumption.

New Redesigned Room InterContinental Bali Resort

The impact of overuse of ground water by tourism – with a falling water table – is being felt all over Bali. Therefore, the renovated bathrooms have been fitted with low flow shower heads that reduce the water flow to 6.3 litres per minute; low flow taps; and high efficiency dual-flush toilets, reducing water usage by up to 8 litres per flush by using only 3 – 4.5 litres at any one time. Bathrooms will be completed with an attractive range of accessories designed to harmonise with the new décor, synonymous with the style of the Resort.

Finally, for the relaxing convenience of the guests, intelligent electrical control devices will be installed. These will include a master switch beside the bed, as well as bed-top and desktop level universal power points and USB charging ports.

InterContinental Bali Resort is a 5-star luxury resort, which rests alongside the magnificent golden-sand beach of Jimbaran Bay, complete with five swimming pools, award-winning restaurants and an internationally-acclaimed spa.

The first of the re-designed Singaraja rooms will be available soon.


gluten free at intercontinental bali resort

On a gluten-free diet? Here, at InterContinental Bali Resort, we understand your dietary restrictions, and guarantee that we will do our very best to accommodate your needs. We are proud to announce that this service extends to our bar menu, with a new gluten-free cocktail list, which will be launched in January 2017 at Sunset Bar & Grill.

Navigating the glutenfree liquor shelf can be a challenge, especially as the myths and misconceptions about gluten and alcoholic beverages are as common and as numerous as the people who drink them. But just because you are maintaining a gluten-free diet, doesn’t mean you can’t drink socially – you simply need to find gluten-free alcoholic beverages that are safe to consume, although we agree that this can be confusing. Beer, for example, is made with hops and barley containing gluten; certain spirits are distilled from gluten-containing grains, and sometimes ingredients containing gluten are added back in after distillation. The Celiac Support Association recommends individuals with celiac disease only consume spirits derived from gluten-free sources. This relates to anyone who is on a gluten-free diet, but is of greatest importance for those who must live gluten-free due to a medical condition such celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Gin, rum, and tequila have a distillation process that completely filters out gluten. So it can be conclusively said that these spirits are completely devoid of gluten. Flavoured spirits might include hidden ingredients or malting agents. Whiskey and bourbon are not universally accepted as gluten-free, although there is considerable debate on this topic. Wine is typically gluten-free and safe to drink, as is cider, sherry, brandy, port and liqueurs. Sake, which is made from rice, is also a gluten-free alternative, and available in abundance at our signature Japanese dining outlet, KO Restaurant, Teppanyaki & Cocktail Lounge.

To make it easy for you, and with your health and gluten-free needs in mind, our mixologists have created a tempting menu of gluten-free cocktails for you to enjoy, which will be available at Sunset Bar & Grill from January onwards.  Cheers!

Rosemary Gin Fizz

Gin, rosemary, lemon juice, honey and soda water 

Apple Cider Mojito

White Rum, cider, mint leaves, cinnamon, apple 

Beet Cocktail Smoothie

Tequila, beet syrup and lime juice 

Apple, Elderflower and Mint Sparkle

Rum, apple juice, elderflower, mint and sparkling wine

For further information & reservations, please contact our Dining Reservation at Tel: +62 361 701888  or email at dine@icbali.com.


contest intercontinental bali resort new renovated room


This 1 Million Bonus points are worth of 22 nights at InterContinental Bali Resort or 16 nights at the famous InterContinental New York Times Square or the iconic InterContinental Carlton Cannes and also at more than 4600 IHG hotels and resorts.

All you have to do is to book and stay in our newly refurbished Singaraja Room, and simply by doing what you’re good at capturing an amazing image of the new room, then share it!

More details about how to win the contest https://goo.gl/vh54Gc


More and more people are turning to raw food diets in order to achieve optimum health, while many others recognise the wellness benefits of consuming raw foods for at least part of the time. At InterContinental Bali Resort, we are pleased to incorporate a range of raw food dishes into the menus of both Jimbaran Gardens and Bella Cucina. Our aim is to provide guests with the option of fresh, local, sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, and delicious unprocessed foods, which provide the body with the best nourishment that nature has to offer. While the raw food selections are available for any of our guests to enjoy, the menus have also been designed to complement InterContinental Bali Resort’s yoga and wellness programmes.

Raw Food InterContinental Bali Resort

The principle of raw food is simply a return to food in its wild or unrefined state – the food we were meant to eat. Raw foodism is a diet of primarily unheated food, fermented food, or food that has been cooked to a temperature of less than 46 degrees C. Below this temperature, the nutrients are not destroyed. Raw food is alive and full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Besides being uncooked, it is also unprocessed and often organic. A raw food regime embraces fresh, whole, living, plant-based foods: typically raw fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, and raw grains, seeds, nuts and legume sprouts, which are consumed in their natural state. Non-vegan and non-vegetarian raw foods include raw fish, unpasteurised dairy products such as raw milk, raw meat, raw eggs, and raw honey. Applying heat to foods provides no nutritional benefit, but raw foods supply premium nutrition, and are brimming with the vital life force that our bodies need for highly efficient digestion, for a well-functioning immune system, for energy and stamina, weight loss, beauty, mental clarity and focus, emotional balance and spiritual connection.

Warm Coconuts noodle wrap

An important key to excellent health is excellent digestion. The human body requires enzymes to digest food. Sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains are living foods, which are easier to digest because the availability of the enzymes is increased, enhancing the vitality and the power of the food by making all of the nutrients readily available and easier to assimilate.

Raw foods also have a big impact on the acid and alkaline balance in our bodies. Diseases develop more easily within the body when acidity rises, which in turn challenges the immune system. The body can become overly acidic due to environmental pollutants, stress, processed and refined foods, lack of nutrients, and mineral-deficient water. Cooked foods create even more acidity in the body, but on the other hand, raw foods neutralise acid and help alkalise the body. When the body is in an alkaline state, it is better able both to absorb nutrients and to expel toxins more efficiently. By integrating a proper raw diet with other healthful living practices, we are less likely to develop weight control problems or chronic or short-term illnesses. No man-made vitamin tablet or other supplement can compare with nature’s handiwork.

raw food intercontinental bali resort

At Bella Cucina, our Chef’s focus is on nutritious satisfaction – physically and mentally. Above all, he aspires to create scrumptious delights that are a pleasure to eat, such as ‘Zucchini Lasagna’ filled with hazelnut cheese and raw plum tomato marinara; as well as ‘Caesar Salad Raw Food Style’ comprising Bedugul romaine lettuce heart tossed with raw Caesar dressing, cashew flakes and nori seaweed; and ‘Raw Vegetable Fettuccini Marinara’ with mixed crunchy Bedugul carrot, zucchini, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and raw pine nut cream sauce.

Our Chef is also getting back to nature at Jimbaran Gardens by utilising fresh, colourful ingredients created around the art and science of feeling great. Dishes here include the ‘Warm Coconut Noodle Wrap’ stuffed with shimeji mushrooms and champignons, scented with ginger and served with cilantro teriyaki sauce. Alternatively, the naturally nourishing ‘Nuts and Seed Raw Pizza’ is layered with raw tomato coulis, cashew cheese, avocado, and raw Bedugul baby vegetable shavings; while the ‘Warm Pumpkin Noodle Roll’ introduces caponata, baby spinach and raw capsicum dressing. A deliciously different dessert, available at both restaurants, is the ‘Raw Chocolate Mousse,’ which is served with mango and mint compote at Jimbaran Gardens, or with balsamic marinated Bedugul strawberries on an almond biscuit at Bella Cucina.

At InterContinental Bali Resort, we put a ROAR into RAW food.



Bali Life Foundation 2016
Bali Life Foundation 2016

InterContinental Bali Resort is proud to be associated with Bali Life Foundation, a non-profit organisation with the vision to provide hope, dignity, and purpose to unprivileged people; especially to children who have been orphaned, abandoned, or rejected. This is done by providing basic needs, by teaching good morals and values, by providing training, and giving skills for the future.

For the last few years, InterContinental Bali Resort has been actively involved in supporting Bali Life’s community activities and projects as well as providing training, work experience and opportunities at the Resort.

Launched in February of this year, the IHG® Foundation helps to build stronger, healthier, more prosperous communities by teaching people hospitality skills, providing disaster relief, protecting the environment and supporting community project around the globe.

As this year marks the global 70th anniversary of the InterContinental brand, the IHG® Foundation has donated USD $70,000 to various charities around the globe who are working in partnership with various InterContinental Hotels & Resorts. The Bali Life Foundation has been selected as one of these charities.

Bali Life Foundation Kids

Bali Life Foundation’s latest project is the ‘Suwung Community Project and Training Centre’ or ‘Bali Life Dump School’, an innovation that uses a multi-focused holistic approach to address the issues of disadvantaged and impoverished children and women currently occupied in earning an income by sorting through trash at Bali’s biggest official tip, which is located at Suwung, Kuta. These scavenger women and children all have their own dreams and aspirations just like anyone else, yet building a future beyond the dump is a life ambition that would be hard to attain without the help of the Foundation and InterContinental Bali Resort.

Bali Life’s Suwung Community Project and Training Centre is developing training workshops designed to help the women and children gain life skills that will not only benefit them and their families but will also empower them to become valuable and successful members of society.  The vocational subjects that have been selected are English, computer skills, cookery, hospitality, farming, music, dance, arts & crafts, and sports. Where possible, local volunteers are engaged to deliver these workshops. InterContinental Bali Resort will be taking on the children, in batches of two at a time, and putting them through the Resort’s in-house cooking and hospitality training course. The Resort’s IHG Foundation (UK) Trust has provided a US$17,000 grant for the setting up of the Suwung Community Training Centre and the development of the workshops.  

The goal of the project is to enable the children to have access to a free education, while giving their mothers the opportunity to earn an additional income.

Bali Life Foundation recently expressed its deep appreciation for the Resort’s IHG Foundation (UK) Trust’s generous contribution with the following words, “Working with these beautiful children and watching them grow in confidence, happiness and maturity is an incredible privilege. Encouraging and empowering these women through words, skills and work, and seeing them happy and looking at things in different way, makes us so blessed. This privilege wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the generosity of people like yourselves, and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


The Festive Season calls for merriment and joy; so this year make it special by celebrating at InterContinental Bali Resort, which is offering a whole host of exciting culinary events and leisure activities for couples, families, and children.
 Santa Claus is coming with Kereta Kencana
The festivities will begin on Christmas Eve, with complimentary Christmas Cocktails served in the Saraswati Lounge accompanied by Christmas Carols performed by the children of Panti Salam orphanage. In the evening, guests have the choice of two exceptional Christmas Eve dining options: Bella Cucina Restaurant will serve a Christmas Eve set dinner, while KO Restaurant, Teppanyaki & Cocktail Lounge offers an authentic Japanese experience with a Sushi Extravaganza. 
Santa Claus himself will herald the Christmas Day festivities, arriving at the Resort Lobby at 10 am in his horse-drawn carriage to spread a special message of peace and goodwill. The merriment will continue at Bella Cucina with a Festive Family Brunch and/or a Christmas Day Dinner accompanied by all the trimmings.
 Sunset at InterContinental Bali Resort
InterContinental Bali Resort offers something for everyone on New Year’s Eve with the choice of a Seafood Buffet Galore at Jimbaran Gardens, accompanied by live music and a fire dance; a New year’s Eve Italian Dinner at Bella Cucina with a live band; or Japanese Delights at KO Restaurant, Teppanyaki & Cocktail Lounge. For a truly romantic and memorable New Year’s Eve experience, honeymooners and couples can opt for a Candlelit Intimate Dinner, paired with caviar and Dom Pérignon Champagne, inclusive of music and served by a personal butler and chef in ‘bale’ pavilion overlooking Jimbaran Bay. Finally, revelers can welcome in the New Year at Sunset beach Bar & Grill with a Countdown Party, DJ music, and a rousing firework display that will light up the sky over Jimbaran Bay.
InterContinental Bali Resort
Leisure Activities from the Leisure Concierge include the Christmas Eve Fisherman’s 2-hour Bicycle Tour of Kedonganan fisherman’s village and the traditional fish market; ‘Om for the Holidays’ group yoga;  Water Polo in the Balinese Bath Pool; and Healing Meditation.  Festive Packages at Spa Uluwatu include ‘Celebrate your Life’ – a 150-minute treatment incorporating a Therapeutic Ritual Foot Bath, a Warm Stone Massage, and a Deluxe Manicure or Deluxe Pedicure by OPI; or the Ultimate Spa Package – a 120-minute treatment beginning with a Ritual Foot Bath, continuing with a Balinese Massage, and concluding with a Rejuvenating Oxygen Infusion face treatment.
Little travellers have plenty to look forward to at Planet Trekkers, with a comprehensive and fun programme of Christmas and New Year activities such as Chocolate Decorating in the Christmas Kids’ Kitchen, Christmas T-shirt Painting, a Princess and Super Heroes Costume Party, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve parties, and the beautiful experience of releasing baby turtles into the sea. 
In the Christmas spirit of ‘giving back’ to the local community, the Resort is running a special charity initiative to raise funds towards the educational and daily living costs of the children at Panti Salam Orphanage. Guests and visitors are invited to contribute cash donations and take home a small gift, made by the children of the orphanage, as a memento of their support for the underprivileged children of Bali.
InterContinental Bali Resort looks forward to welcoming guests with warmth and five-star hospitality over the Festive Season.


InterContinental Bali Resort has done it again! For the third year running the Resort has been named Bali’s leading MICE hotel at the 23rd annual World Travel Awards ceremony.

Lobby InterContinental Bali Resort

The World Travel Awards are the highest accolades in the travel and tourism industry calendar today, acknowledging, rewarding and celebrating excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry.

World Travel Awards 2016

InterContinental Bali Resort is highly deserving of this prestigious award due to its modern meeting facilities and the expertise of its team in the coordination of meetings, conferences, events and weddings for up to 750 participants in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Meeting facilities range from the Puri Kencana Ballroom to eight multi-purpose function rooms, including three Meeting Rooms and two Board Rooms located in close proximity within a dedicated separate wing complete with private entrance and parking area.

A specialised team of highly-trained, professional staff is on hand to cater to every aspect of function and meeting requirements, with the full scope of state-of-the-art audio-visual technologies and PA equipment readily available. At InterContinental Bali Resort, meetings and events are designed to capture a genuine sense of place that will inspire delegates and achieve results.

Personalised service at Club Lounge InterContinental bali resort

The Resort also offers an impressive array of indoor and outdoor wedding venues within the gardens and the beautiful beach area, as well a highly professional team of wedding planners who deliver impeccable service to every bridal couple, their friends and family. Weddings at InterContinental Bali Resort are uniquely custom-made to reflect personal tastes.



bridge intercontinental bali resort balinese architecture

Bali is renowned worldwide for its romantic architecture and furnishings, decorative handcrafted features and gorgeous artwork. In fact, art in every form is the masterpiece of the highly-valued Balinese culture. Visitors to the island will not fail to notice intricately carved doorways, ornate stone statues and wood sculptures, splendid paintings, hand-woven textiles, highly wrought metal work, the traditional architecture of temples and houses, and beautifully crafted offerings to the Gods. 

InterContinental Bali Resort was conceived to showcase this ancient culture. Here, the essence and ambience of the island is captured with local materials – teak, coconut wood, alang alang thatch, marble, stone and brick, as well as Balinese artistry and traditional aesthetic characteristics such as high pitched roofs layered to provide natural light and ventilation, covered walkways and hidden courtyards, in tune with nature and in keeping with the environment.

Bridge to heaven intercontinental bali resort  balinese sculpture

The essential components of Balinese Hindu philosophies, imagery and symbolism are also prevalent throughout the Resort’s design, which follows the principals of ‘Tri Hita Karana’ by maintaining harmony and balance between the three sources of life – humans, nature, and the Gods – as well as honouring the sacred axis between the holy mountain and the sea. Water is a predominant element in the spiritual landscape of Bali, and like a fabled Balinese water palace, the Resort’s lovely gardens incorporate lagoons, ponds, and exotic water features including fountains, waterfalls and Balinese bathing pools, poetically woven together by pathways and breezeways, bordered by the ocean and the golden sands of Jimbaran Beach.

From the moment you arrive at InterContinental Bali Resort, you will be immersed in the island’s culture. Enter the impressive lobby building, look up, and soaring overhead you will see a magnificent vaulted ceiling showcasing exceptional fan-rafter and open-truss craftsmanship, girded by sky blue and gold frescoes depicting Baruna, the guardian of the cosmic order, Goddess of the sea, and source of the rain and the rivers. The spacious interiors of the resort – from the public areas to the private guestrooms, villas and suites – are a gallery of natural textures, paintings and handcrafted features, all of which are the essence of Bali’s style. Soft furnishings – cushions, bed runners and framed wall hangings introduce Bali’s own home-produced cloth, a weft ikat called endek, made by tying the weft threads of a cloth before it is woven and then dying them so that the tied areas do not absorb the dye. The cloth is then woven and the pattern emerges. 

Balinese Architecture Lobby InterContinental Bali Resort

At InterContinental Bali Resort you will be exposed to carving in all forms, from elaborately carved doors and ornamental accents to exquisite wood sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Stone carving is also prevalent with distinctive split gates, sculptures, swirling stone friezes, bas-relief tableaux, plaques and panels, depicting trees, flowers, birds and beasts of the forest, heraldic winged lions and protective guardians drawn from the natural and mythical world of the Balinese Hindu heritage.

Not only does InterContinental Bali Resort capture the spirit of Bali through its architecture, artwork, landscaping and interior design, but also through its famous Balinese hospitality and guest activities. The resort is proud to provide a platform from which guests can explore the local culture through a wide choice of activities and experiences ranging from Balinese cooking classes, gamelan music lessons, Balinese dance lessons, and Balinese art and craft making, to turtle release, temple visits, market and village tours, Balinese massage, traditional spa therapies, and the opportunity to enjoy Balinese dance performances and the delicious local cuisine.

kids activities balinese offerings interContinental bali resort

Stay at InterContinental Resort Bali, embrace and absorb the Balinese charm, and you will find that when you leave the island a little bit of that magic will follow you home.


Service From The Heart